North Data GmbH is a successful young company in the field of company data and operates Germany's largest website about company information. We are currently expanding our business to new countries and are looking for reinforcements for our small team.

Even before Corona, we worked mostly from home. In addition, we have a nice office in the center of Hamburg on the Inner Alster, where we meet on fixed weekdays to exchange ideas. We distribute tasks flexibly among each other.

Currently, we're looking for:

1st Account Manager

So far, we don't do any outbound sales. But, we have attractive products that create a lot of interest, so we're looking now for a new sales colleague that pro-actively approaches potential customers. In this role, you would be the only one, so you need to be a self-motivated, communicative and creative person that identifies and follows opportunities on its own. But, of course, you'll have the full support of our team. 

If you think you might fit this job profile, don't hesitate to send us your application to 

Modern Java Developer

Our software is modern and powerful, and it is the "heart" of North Data. It is written in "Modern Java", that is, using current Java technology with a clean code base and an emphasis on functional style. Our environment is Github and Google Cloud. We're very pragmatic in our development approach - no scrum or daily standups - and try to use 
best development practices as much as possible.

Ideally, you love to explore problems yourself. For example, if we encounter a new country data source, there is no one here to write a specification for you!

We're looking for both senior and junior level developers.

* * *

 We are happy to answer all your questions - just send us an email to or send your application straight away! We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Here is a sneak peek of our office: