Director, Engineering (w/m/d)

Your Role

Our technical team is geographically distributed, and works remotely to a great part. Most of the team members are senior backend developers. The biggest challenge will be keeping this team together and aligned while growing! To achieve this, the new head of engineering will need to have strong communication skills.

His or her role regarding the team will be that of an enabler and facilitator. In addition, the future head of IT / R&D / Engineering will be responsible for the operations of our cloud-based production systems.

Currently, the technical team is still managed by the CEO and founder. The new head of IT / R&D / Engineering will assume a role that is comparable to what is typically labeled as "VP of Engineering" and will report to the CEO.

About us

North Data is a young company that is taking a completely new approach to company data. Our website is famous for having brought transparency in company data to Germany. Currently, we're internationalizing our approach, having already launched our international website and five more countries.

We're a profitable company with more than 2.000 customers and growing without having to rely on external financing. Our headquarters are in a nice office center in the center of Hamburg. Part of our technical team is located in the Ukraine.

Our Technology Stack

  • Backend: Modern Java
  • Google Cloud Platform & Microsoft Azure
  • Elastic Search
  • OpenAPI for our APIs (
  • Frontend: Typescript + Semantic UI
  • Github (incl. CI/CD), Docker
  • Machine Learning, NLP, and other AI services


  • Manage our software development team
  • Recruiting (we're growing!)
  • Responsibility for organisation and processes
  • Responsibility for cloud services and budget
  • Liaison to our technical partners
  • Java programming as part of the team (as time permits!)


  • Great communication and social skills
  • Organized and reliable
  • High English proficiency
  • Java software development
  • Experience with cloud environments
  • Plus: Frontend development (HTML/CSS/Typescript)
We're looking forward to your application. Please write us by email: